This is to present to you the status of PDM implementation in Kiboga district Local Government as of 27-06-2022 as detailed below:
1. PDM Budget (IPF) for the FY 2021/2022
Budget ( Block figures) FY 2021/22 Amount Shs
Recurrent & revolving funds 920,943,335
Gadgets - ICT 70,697,565
Total 991,640,900

2. PDM releases / balances to date:

FY 2021/22 PDM Releases Quarter I Quarter II Quarter III Quarter IV Total
ICT gadgets 34,515,449 34,515,449 1,666,667 0 70,697,565
Recurrent / revolving 230,235,834 230,235,834 0 261,879,787 722,351,455
Total 793,049,020

3. Activities so for implemented/ on-going and expenditures

S/N Activity Amount (Shs) spent Remarks
1 Facilitation to District Service Commission to recruit new 17 Parish Chiefs 4,870,000 Done
2 Payment of salary for 17 newly recruited Parish Chiefs for the months of February, March, April, May and June 2022. 24,059,530 One Parish chief has not accessed pay roll to date
3 Roll out & sensitization of stakeholders on PDM program, registration of Subsistence households, enterprises selection, establishment of PDCs, formation of enterprise groups in 14 LLGs, 58 parishes, 281 villages and PDM SACCOs formation in 58 parishes. 56,000,000 Done. PDM SACCO registration still on-going.
4 Facilitation of the District Statistician and ICT Officer to attend a 2 days PDM –Trainers of Trainers on data collection and management held on 6th and 7th June, 2022 in Mityana. 790,000 Done
5 Facilitation of ICT Officer & District Statistician to train PDM data collectors, Provision of allowances for PDM data collection in 58 parishes, monitoring & supervision 28,226,424 Data collection On-going
6 Facilitation for PDM –SACCO formation & registration 5,986,000 On-going
Total 119,931,954

4. Financial inclusion pillar
Disbursement of Funds to PDM SACCO accounts. A total of Shs 11,614,600= was deposited on to each of 57 PDM SACCO Accounts while one SACCO (Nkandwa –Nkandwa PDM SACCO received 11,084,886 totaling to 673,117,066.

S/n Lines Balances Total
1 009-002-525040100-00-0100-0000-018275-312213 70,697,565 673,117,066=
2 009-002-525040200-00-0000-0000-018106-227001 602,419,501

 A top up of 5,385,400= will be deposited on each of the 57 PDM SACCO accounts to make 17,000,000= while Nkandwa- Nkandwa PDM SACCO requires 5,915,114=. Hence a total of Shs. 312,882,914= is required as a top up for all the 57 PDM SACCOs by closure of this Financial Year 2021/22 to make 17,000,000 for each PDM SACCO as revolving funds.
 Production, productivity, storage and marketing pillar performance was implemented through mobilization of communities for enterprises selection, formation of enterprises groups. Training on enterprises management and farming as a business by extension workers will be conducted soon.
 Because of complementarity of enterprises and capital requirements, Subsistence households will be linked to respective Enterprise groups and PDM SACCOs.
5. Financial Inclusion pillar performance as of 21/6/2022.

S/N Item Number
1 Number of Sub Counties / LLGs 14
2 Number of Parishes 58
3 Number of Parish Chiefs – PDM Coordinators at Parish levels 58
4 Number of Number of villages 281
5 Number of Number of registered Subsistence Households registered Compilation in progress
6 Number of Enterprise groups formed 843
7 Number of Enterprise groups registered 843
8 Number of members in Enterprise groups Not yet compiled
9 Number of female members in the Enterprise groups Compilation in progress
10 Number of male members in the Enterprise groups Compilation in progress
11 Number of Youth members in the Enterprise groups Compilation in progress
12 Number of PWDs members in the Enterprise groups Compilation in progress
13 Number of PDC formed 58
14 Number of PDM SACCOs formed 58
15 Number of PDM SACCOs registered 58
16 Number of PDM SACCOs with Bank Accounts 58
17 Number of PDM SACCOs funded (attached as Annex 1) 58
18 Funds (Shs) deposited on PDM SACCO accounts todate 673,117,066=
19 Balance required to make 17,000,000 for each the 58 PDM SACCOs 312,882,914=
20 Number of PDM SACCOSs that have accessed funds on accounts 58
21 Value of members’ saving mobilized N/A - Now

6. Community mobilization & mind set change pillar performance

 Mass community mobilization and sensitization was conducted on Radio- Kiboga and public gatherings and as a result, a lot of awareness on PDM was created.
 Specific trainings/ sensitizations for stakeholders on PDM were conducted at District, Sub county and parish levels.
 Specific trainings on Mind set change by Ministry of Gender are planned for next week.

7. Parish based Management Information System (PDMIS) pillar performance
 A two days training of the District PDMIS facilitators was done by UBOS in Mityana on 6th -7th June 2022.
 Training of the PDMIS data collectors was conducted on 17th -06-2022.
 Data collection exercise On-going to date district wide.

8. Emerging challenges

1. Late release and access to PDM guidelines and Circular instructions has resulted into limited time to smoothly implement PDM activities.
2. Timelines for execution of some activities have proved to be extremely difficult to attain like Registration of PDM SACCOs, convening Annual General meetings and establishment of PDM SACCOO executive committee members.
3. Some people are registered (National Identity Card-NIN) in villages where they are not residing which has proved difficult to avoid double registration in PDM Enterprise groups and PDM SACCOs.
4. Lack of transport means for Parish Chiefs and Commercial Officers to ease mobility
5. Inadequate facilitation (Fuel, stationery, Airtime/data, lunch) for the Parish Chiefs and other extension workers.
6. Lack of funds for establishment and operationalization of the District PDM secretariat, PDM task force, monitoring and supervision.